This demonstrates the orbit of the Moon around the Earth and is a good companion to the earlier post Tilt in Earths axis. NASA defines the period of the Moon’s orbit to be one complete orbit in 27.3215 days that translates to 27 days, 7 hours, and 43 minutes. The cycles or phases of the Moon are due to it’s orbit around the Earth and the angle that the light from the Sun illuminates the Moon. As demonstrated in this animation as the Moon progresses through it’s orbit it will cycle from full illumination (the Full Moon) to total darkness (called new Moon) and back to full illumination as viewed on the earth. The tilt in the Moons axis is 1.54 degrees and the orbit has a 5.14 degree inclination to the Sun line, when added together the resulting tilt in axis is a total of 6.68 degrees.

This animation shows the spin of the Earth and movement of the Moon relative to the Moons orbit period. You can also see how the the phase of the Moon is based on it’s location in the orbit.