This is a simple AVI that demonstrates the Earth’s orbit of the Sun. It starts at the left of the screen in Winter solstice with the Earth axis tilted away from the Sun and progresses through the full orbit and cycle of seasons. This shows that the Earth’s axis remains tilted at a 23.45 degree angle throughout it’s orbit. Based on Newton’s Law’s, an object in motion will remain in motion, the effects of friction, resistance and gravitational effects of other celestial bodies in space are minimized due the Earth’s mass and velocity.  As we all know the Earth spins 360 degrees in a day and this gives it gyroscopic stiffness in this axis orientation throughout it’s orbit helping it to resist these outside influences. The common misconception is that the Earth tilts back and forth throughout the year, where in fact it’s precession is caused by a function of it’s position in the orbit.

The intention was to provide a means to stimulate discussion in a training environment and to point out significant attributes of the Earth’s orbit from a general perspective. Any constructive comments are welcome and reasonable suggestions can be incorporated in future updates.

This has also been rendered as an AVI that runs 12 seconds start to finish in letterbox format at a resolution of 736×398. The file stops one frame from the starting point so it is set to loop smoothly.  To obtain a copy, follow the link to Turbosquid.