Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, I will only address this subject from a top level general process.

TCR commanding is accomplished by transmitting the modulated commands on a RF carrier that is tuned to the command frequency. The command carrier is received at the antenna and is applied to the input of the command receiver. By design the command receiver is a dual function unit, it will lock onto a receive carrier and demodulate valid command signals to produce a digital output. Once the command receiver is locked onto the command carrier, it verifies and demodulates commands and outputs them to a Command and Data Handling subsystem or Flight Computer for execution.

As additional units and antennas are added to this subsystem to provide redundancy and flexibility hybrid devices are installed to split the received signals. The use of switches in this receive path could result in a potential single point failure and are therefore avoided. The use of hybrids allows the signal to be divided and applied to each receiver and since hybrids are passive devices the chances of failures are minimized.